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Delivita pizza ovens


More than just a pizza oven, our beautifully designed wood-fired oven is crafted by hand, is portable and features a traditional clay and stone interior offering versatile cooking, giving authentic flavours to any dish.

A tabletop oven, take the party anywhere with the DeliVita. A combination of modern technology with an artisan interior, the DeliVita wood-fired oven comprises a handcrafted clay-composite.

It features a refractory stone base for authentic flame-cooked food. The DeliVita is the ultimate outdoor cooking accessory and cooks pretty much anything BBQ, roast, smoke, tandoor, bake, grill, and slow-cook.

Transforming the way you cook and entertain, the DeliVitaPro gives you more versatility, freedom, and options. It’s over double the size of our original oven and is our first dual fuel oven, using kiln-dried wood or the eco-friendly blue flame for cooking restaurant-quality feasts fit for the ultimate foodie or for feeding the masses. Hook up to mains gas or bottled gas to fire up; available with International adapters, so no one misses out. The NEW Pro is the world’s most versatile and eco-friendly gas/wood-fired oven.

The DeliVita Pro is perfect for the professional kitchen; it heats up in 16 minutes, cooks up to 3 pizzas in minutes, simultaneously cooks mouth-watering meats, fish and veggies all in one go and gives food that traditional wood-fired oven flavour. Our professional-grade oven has been engineered to work effortlessly in a commercial environment and in the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Our ovens are handcrafted in Yorkshire and are sent to you with love from the very person who assembled and made the oven. Sitting snuggle in its box, all you need to do is lift it out, place onto any stable surface and you are ready to cure and go.
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