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"Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis: Landscape Design Inspiration in Wakefield"

Embark on a virtual journey through the remarkable concept garden plan-1 envisioned by Food & Fire Outdoor Living. Crafted specifically for a contemporary rendered property nestled on a steep incline in Wakefield, this design ingeniously merges modern aesthetics with practical functionality.

Begin your exploration in the elevated oasis's main entertaining area. Picture porcelain paved patios seamlessly integrating with rendered raised beds and retaining walls. Within these beds, a mesmerizing water feature harmonizes with meticulously chosen plantings, adding depth and tranquility to the landscape.

Adding a touch of refinement, a sleek glass canopy elegantly shelters part of the patio adjacent to the outdoor kitchen. Ascend the steps to uncover a secluded hot tub, embraced by a retaining wall and crowned with a canopy adorned with skylights, promising enchanting experiences regardless of the weather.

On the opposite side of the house's bi-folding doors, a set of stairs leads to the mid-section. Here, a level lawn sprawls, offering a serene green space for various activities. Another flight of stairs guides you to the upper level, where a spacious summerhouse awaits. Complete with a canopy-covered patio area, it provides a panoramic view of the garden below.

Incorporating sustainability, this concept includes a veg garden on the upper level. Comprising sleeper raised beds and a greenhouse, it encourages you to nurture your own fresh produce.

Immerse yourself in an immersive walkthrough animation, exploring every intricacy of this meticulously planned contemporary garden. Elevate your living space with Food & Fire Outdoor Living's vision for a modern retreat in Wakefield.

Landscape Design Inspiration in Wakefield


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