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Cubic Style-1

The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C1 stands for the individual design of your personal preferences. Intelligent planning can make things more practical and easier in the outdoor area. The design of the kitchen follows this principle. The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C1 is composed of different kitchen modules. The grill module allows the installation of a gas or a ceramic grill. The sink module accommodates a stainless steel sink or a ceramic sink and an intelligent waste system.


A dishwasher or sink drawer can also be integrated. Additional storage modules, optionally with drawers, provide enough space to store all cooking utensils. Another module can accommodate a refrigerator. The linear shapes characterize the overall appearance of the outdoor kitchen and form a unity. The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C1 can be planned not only as a wall unit, free-standing cooking island and as a kitchen block, but in any shape that suits your garden exactly

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