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Igneus Classico

Cooking capacity 2×12″ pizzas at a time

Igneus Classico

This is Our most popular ‘best value’ oven

The ‘Good Homes approved’ Igneus Classico is the most popular pizza oven in the Igneus range. This 2022 edition model is perfect for families who throw parties for friends and family as it’s big enough to cope, whatever you choose to cook. It can cook two 12” pizzas at a time and can take two large roasting tins, making it perfect for cooking Sunday lunch outside in the garden.

Weight 45kg
Cooking capacity 2×12″ pizzas at a time
Approx’ heat up time 15 minutes
Pizza cooking speed 60-80 seconds
Pizza stone depth 2.5cm
Fuel Kiln dried hardwood logs
Colour 5 colours available

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