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Igneus Pro 750

Cooking capacity 4×12″ pizzas at a time

Igneus Pro 750

Large professional oven which cooks up to 4 pizzas

The Igneus Pro 750 features the same specification upgrades as its smaller Pro 600 cousin. It is designed for professional use and has a cavernous cooking chamber making it ideal for large volume cooking. As with the Pro 600 this oven is equally as at home in the garden of someone who loves cooking and wants the best large wood fired pizza oven for their budget. It can be secured using the optional fixing system kit to anchor the oven down onto any surface for added security.

Weight 90kg
Cooking capacity 4×12″ pizzas at a time
Approx’ heat up time 25 minutes
Pizza cooking speed 60 seconds
Pizza stone depth 2.5cm
Fuel Kiln dried hardwood logs
Colour 3 colours available

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