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PERGOLA SB 400R The roof module with a perimeter frame complements individual design concepts or existing buildings. The method of assembly depends on the load-bearing elements of the object that will be used to attach the roof frame. The projection of a module is a multiple of the blade interval (20 cm).


Selt Pergola SB400R – a roof module with a frame, combines the durability and strength of an aluminium construction with functionality and wide possibilities of a roof cover. SB400R enables the formation of single-module structures as well as linearly connected modular systems along the lengthwise or transverse beams. This model has a wide range of applications both in commercial facilities and with individual clients.

Construction is made of extruded aluminium and stainless steel elements. Movable blades have changeable angle of inclination and their rotation is controlled remotely. Blades limit the access of sunlight and in closed position the blades create a roof that protects the terrace from rain. The system includes two lengthwise gutters, or four gutters along the perimeter with angle overflows, while the drainage points are determined and prepared by the customer.

Pergola SB400R system enables the production of structures up to 4 meters wide and with a projection of up to 7 meters.

The construction of this model is available in three standard colours: white, graphite and anthracite. It is possible to order a pergola in a different colour from RAL palette (option for a surcharge).

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